The Twin City Backgammon Club has been hosting weekly Backgammon tournaments for over 50 years.  We invite players of all skill levels to join us every Thursday night at the American Legion Post 435 in Richfield, it’s on Portland, just north of 66th. We play in the back part of the dining room.

Registration begins at 6:30pm and tournament play begins at 7pm, late arrivals may be allowed to play if space is available.

Your first tournament is free – after that the cost is $10 each week with a $10 side pool for those that wish to enter.  Cash prizes are awarded to 1st place, 2nd place & Consolation, with the side pool going to the entered player that goes the farthest in the winning bracket.

You are guaranteed two matches, except when we have 9, 10, or 11 players then we use a buyback format that allows reentry for a $5 fee.  We usually have between 16 and 20 players each week.

Points are awarded for each match won .08 with .5 for 3rd/4th with 1 for 2nd & 2 for 1st place.  When we have fewer than 12 players, the place points are slightly less.  The standing are published each week on our web site and may be viewed Thursdays at The Wagon.

New to the game?  Many of our players will coach you as you play, sometimes before your move but usually after which will help you improve your play.